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    ENH: overset: Initial release of overset capability. · fd665b4a
    mattijs authored
    Adds overset discretisation to selected physics:
    - diffusion : overLaplacianDyMFoam
    - incompressible steady : overSimpleFoam
    - incompressible transient : overPimpleDyMFoam
    - compressible transient: overRhoPimpleDyMFoam
    - two-phase VOF: overInterDyMFoam
    The overset method chosen is a parallel, fully implicit implementation
    whereby the interpolation (from donor to acceptor) is inserted as an
    adapted discretisation on the donor cells, such that the resulting matrix
    can be solved using the standard linear solvers.
    Above solvers come with a set of tutorials, showing how to create and set-up
    simple simulations from scratch.