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    ENH: use PrecisionAdaptor to support scotch with label widening · bf1ed94e
    Mark OLESEN authored
    - allows reuse of an int64_t scotch library with label-size 32
      and/or label-size 64.
    COMP: prefer scotch/metis/kahip libraries with label-size qualifiers
    - as noted in #2200, mpirun may insert mpi libraries higher in the
      library loader which can cause masking of our ThirdParty libraries
      of the same name. With scotch (for example), the operating system
      may have an int32 version installed but we have an int64 version
      compiled under ThirdParty. Runing in serial is fine, but in parallel
      we resolve to the (incorrect) system version due to the adjustments
      in mpirun.
    - adjust the ThirdParty make scripts to also create corresponding
      links (eg, 'ln -s') and prefer
      linkage with these qualified libraries.
      this prevent accidental runtime linkage with the system versions.
    STYLE: simplify scotch interface code by using local functions