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CONFIG: set API level to 2212

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## Getting the code
Links to all code packs are available on For OpenFOAM-v2206:
Links to all code packs are available on For OpenFOAM-v2212:
- Source:
- ThirdParty:
- Source:
- ThirdParty:
## OpenFOAM® Quick Build Guide
Prior to building, ensure that the [system requirements][link openfoam-require]
are satisfied (including any special [cross-compiling][wiki-cross-compile]
considerations), and source the correct OpenFOAM environment.
For example, for the OpenFOAM-v2206 version:
For example, for the OpenFOAM-v2212 version:
source <installation path>/OpenFOAM-v2206/etc/bashrc
source <installation path>/OpenFOAM-v2212/etc/bashrc
e.g. if installed under the `~/openfoam` directory
source ~/openfoam/OpenFOAM-v2206/etc/bashrc
source ~/openfoam/OpenFOAM-v2212/etc/bashrc
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