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Added conversion of zero-sized zones

parent d0b95d69
......@@ -31,6 +31,14 @@ Description
Mainly used to convert binary mesh/field files to ASCII.
Problem: any zero-size List written binary gets written as '0'. When
reading the file as a dictionary this is interpreted as a label. This
is (usually) not a problem when doing patch fields since these get the
'uniform', 'nonuniform' prefix. However zone contents are labelLists
not labelFields and these go wrong. For now hacked a solution where
we detect the keywords in zones and redo the dictionary entries
to be labelLists.
#include "argList.H"
......@@ -56,6 +64,82 @@ namespace Foam
// Hack to do zones which have Lists in them. See above.
bool writeZones(const word& name, Time& runTime)
IOobject io
bool writeOk = false;
if (io.headerOk())
Info<< " Reading " << io.headerClassName()
<< " : " << name << endl;
// Switch off type checking (for reading e.g. faceZones as
// generic list of dictionaries).
const word oldTypeName = IOPtrList<entry>::typeName;
const_cast<word&>(IOPtrList<entry>::typeName) = word::null;
IOPtrList<entry> meshObject(io);
forAll(meshObject, i)
if (meshObject[i].isDict())
dictionary& d = meshObject[i].dict();
if (d.found("faceLabels"))
d.set("faceLabels", labelList(d.lookup("faceLabels")));
if (d.found("flipMap"))
d.set("flipMap", boolList(d.lookup("flipMap")));
if (d.found("cellLabels"))
d.set("cellLabels", labelList(d.lookup("cellLabels")));
if (d.found("pointLabels"))
d.set("pointLabels", labelList(d.lookup("pointLabels")));
const_cast<word&>(IOPtrList<entry>::typeName) = oldTypeName;
// Fake type back to what was in field
const_cast<word&>(meshObject.type()) = io.headerClassName();
Info<< " Writing " << name << endl;
// Force writing as ascii
writeOk = meshObject.regIOobject::writeObject
return writeOk;
// Main program:
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
......@@ -76,9 +160,19 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
writeMeshObject<labelIOList>("neighbour", runTime);
writeMeshObject<faceIOList>("faces", runTime);
writeMeshObject<pointIOField>("points", runTime);
writeMeshObject<IOPtrList<entry> >("cellZones", runTime);
writeMeshObject<IOPtrList<entry> >("faceZones", runTime);
writeMeshObject<IOPtrList<entry> >("pointZones", runTime);
writeMeshObject<labelIOList>("pointProcAddressing", runTime);
writeMeshObject<labelIOList>("faceProcAddressing", runTime);
writeMeshObject<labelIOList>("cellProcAddressing", runTime);
writeMeshObject<labelIOList>("boundaryProcAddressing", runTime);
if (runTime.writeFormat() == IOstream::ASCII)
// Only do zones when converting from binary to ascii
// The other way gives problems since working on dictionary level.
writeZones("cellZones", runTime);
writeZones("faceZones", runTime);
writeZones("pointZones", runTime);
// Get list of objects from the database
IOobjectList objects(runTime, runTime.timeName());
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