Commit 0a533f70 authored by henry's avatar henry
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Corrected the name for the source doc file created by the -srcDoc option.

parent 94ab70b9
......@@ -827,12 +827,12 @@ void Foam::argList::displayDoc(bool source) const
List<fileName> docDirs(docDict.lookup("doxyDocDirs"));
List<fileName> docExts(docDict.lookup("doxySourceFileExts"));
// for source code: change foo_8C.html to foo_8C-source.html
// for source code: change foo_8C.html to foo_8C_source.html
if (source)
forAll(docExts, extI)
docExts[extI].replace(".", "-source.");
docExts[extI].replace(".", "_source.");
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