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COMP: Avoiding double entry in runTime table TurbulenceModel

multiphaseReactingTurbulenceModels and twoPhaseReactingTurbulenceModels
add models to the same table TurbulenceModel. These two libs were removed
from libreactingPhaseSystem which created the conflict.

The multiphaseReactingTurbulenceModels was added to
reactingMultiPhaseEulerFoam solver and twoPhaseReactingTurbulenceModels to
twoPhaseReactingEulerFoam solver

The FO heatTransferCoeffs for libfieldFunctionObjects needs

These change avoids linking conflict from multiphaseReactingTurbulenceModels
and twoPhaseReactingTurbulenceModels being linked in the same lib.
parent b9cb778e
cd "${0%/*}" || exit # Run from this directory
wclean libso multiphaseSystem
wclean libso multiphaseCompressibleTurbulenceModels
......@@ -39,4 +39,5 @@ LIB_LIBS = \
-lchemistryModel \
-lreactionThermophysicalModels \
-lpairPatchAgglomeration \
-lreactingPhaseSystem \
......@@ -27,6 +27,5 @@ LIB_LIBS = \
-lcombustionModels \
-lreactingEulerianInterfacialCompositionModels \
-lreactingEulerianInterfacialModels \
-lreactingEulerianFvPatchFields \
-lmultiphaseReactingTurbulenceModels \
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