Commit 18c68e6b authored by Mark Olesen's avatar Mark Olesen

ENH: add bin/tools/createMingwRuntime helper

  Script to copy/create mingw run-time installation from the Linux
  cross-compilation. Packs everything into a tar or a zip file.

  To accommodate Windows, all .dll files are also placed in the
  platforms bin/ directory where they are easily found via the PATH.

  Futhermore, ThirdParty dll files (including those from mingw itself)
  are also placed in the same directory.

  - bundles common files and directories (bin, etc, META-INFO, ...)

  - copies .exe files from FOAM_APPBIN and .dll files from FOAM_LIBBIN
    to the new target platforms/win64MingwDPInt32Opt/bin.

  - copies mingw sys-root .dll files to the new target

  - copies other ThirdParty dll files (scotch, fftw, etc) to

  - copies tutorials (can be deactivated)

    Can only be called when the linux64Mingw environment is active.
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