Commit 19f8fa23 authored by Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather
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Update PDR turbulence model to conform to updated turbulence model api

parent 4727d16f
......@@ -124,11 +124,6 @@ public:
// Member Functions
tmp<volScalarField> mut() const
return mut_;
//- Return the effective diffusivity for k
tmp<volScalarField> DkEff() const
......@@ -147,41 +142,44 @@ public:
//- Return the effective turbulent thermal diffusivity
tmp<volScalarField> alphaEff() const
//- Return the turbulence viscosity
virtual tmp<volScalarField> mut() const
return tmp<volScalarField>
new volScalarField("alphaEff", alphat_ + alpha())
return mut_;
//- Return the turbulence thermal diffusivity
virtual tmp<volScalarField> alphat() const
return alphat_;
//- Return the turbulence kinetic energy
tmp<volScalarField> k() const
virtual tmp<volScalarField> k() const
return k_;
//- Return the turbulence kinetic energy dissipation rate
tmp<volScalarField> epsilon() const
virtual tmp<volScalarField> epsilon() const
return epsilon_;
//- Return the Reynolds stress tensor
tmp<volSymmTensorField> R() const;
virtual tmp<volSymmTensorField> R() const;
//- Return the effective stress tensor including the laminar stress
tmp<volSymmTensorField> devRhoReff() const;
virtual tmp<volSymmTensorField> devRhoReff() const;
//- Return the source term for the momentum equation
tmp<fvVectorMatrix> divDevRhoReff(volVectorField& U) const;
virtual tmp<fvVectorMatrix> divDevRhoReff(volVectorField& U) const;
//- Solve the turbulence equations and correct the turbulence viscosity
void correct();
virtual void correct();
//- Read turbulenceProperties dictionary
bool read();
virtual bool read();
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