Commit 1b168470 authored by Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather
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STYLE: Updated to use const...

parent ee6fe2b9
......@@ -489,13 +489,13 @@ void Foam::ReactingParcel<ParcelType>::calcPhaseChange
// Limit phase change mass by availability of each specie
dMassPC = min(mass*YPhase*YComponents, dMassPC);
scalar dMassTot = sum(dMassPC);
const scalar dMassTot = sum(dMassPC);
// Add to cumulative phase change mass>nParticle_*dMassTot);
// Average molecular weight of carrier mix - assumes perfect gas
scalar Wc = this->rhoc_*specie::RR*this->Tc_/this->pc_;
const scalar Wc = this->rhoc_*specie::RR*this->Tc_/this->pc_;
forAll(YComponents, i)
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