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mesh. Great for postprocessing.
+ =steadyParticleTracks=: Generates VTK tracks from the output of the cloud
=ParticleTracks= post-processing sub-model
+ Sampling:
+ =patchInternalField=: new sampledSurface - like 'patch' but samples
internal field instead of boundary field.
+ =ensight=: new output format for all sampledSurfaces.
+ Function objects:
+ =residualControl=: new function object to allow users to terminate steady
state calculations when the defined residual levels are achieved
......@@ -204,7 +208,9 @@
+ =readFields=: reads field if not yet registered. Makes functionObjects
useable through standalone execFlowFunctionObjects.
+ =faceSource=: can now calculate on a sampledSurface (e.g. flow through a
+ =nearWallFields=: constructs field with on selected patches interpolated
internal field for further postprocessing.
* New tutorials
There is a large number of new tutorials for existing and new solvers in the
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