Commit 232c13ee authored by Mark Olesen's avatar Mark Olesen
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BUG: update OpenFOAM version strings failed with compiler switch

- now remove all generated files for all platforms when the version
parent 0124a314
......@@ -17,13 +17,13 @@ wmakeCheckPwd "$WM_PROJECT_DIR/src" || {
set -x
# update OpenFOAM version strings if required
wmakePrintBuild -check || /bin/rm -f OpenFOAM/Make/$WM_OPTIONS/global.? 2>/dev/null
wmakePrintBuild -check || /bin/rm -f OpenFOAM/Make/*/global.? 2>/dev/null
wmakeLnInclude OpenFOAM
wmakeLnInclude OSspecific/$WM_OSTYPE
wmakeLnInclude OSspecific/${WM_OSTYPE:-POSIX}
wmake libso OpenFOAM
wmake libso fileFormats
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