Commit 2c727243 authored by Mark OLESEN's avatar Mark OLESEN Committed by Andrew Heather
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STYLE: add sub-directories in OSspecific/POSIX

parent 88cf93c4
cpuInfo/cpuInfo.C cpuInfo/cpuInfo.C
cpuTime/cpuTimePosix.C cpuTime/cpuTimePosix.C
memInfo/memInfo.C memInfo/memInfo.C
...@@ -10,20 +12,19 @@ signals/sigStopAtWriteNow.C ...@@ -10,20 +12,19 @@ signals/sigStopAtWriteNow.C
signals/sigWriteNow.C signals/sigWriteNow.C
signals/timer.C signals/timer.C
regExpPosix.C regExp/regExpPosix.C
fileStat.C fileStat/fileStat.C
/* /*
* Note: fileMonitor assumes inotify by default. Compile with -DFOAM_USE_STAT * fileMonitor assumes inotify by default.
* to use stat (=timestamps) instead of inotify * Compile with -UFOAM_USE_INOTIFY to use stat (timestamps) instead
*/ */
fileMonitor.C fileMonitor/fileMonitor.C
#ifdef __sun__ #ifdef __sun__
dummyPrintStack.C printStack/dummyPrintStack.C
#else #else
printStack.C printStack/printStack.C
#endif #endif
LIB = $(FOAM_LIBBIN)/libOSspecific LIB = $(FOAM_LIBBIN)/libOSspecific
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