Commit 2f9e3fa6 authored by mattijs's avatar mattijs
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disable wildcard matching when expanding variables

parent 1c8ad891
......@@ -81,7 +81,12 @@ bool Foam::primitiveEntry::expandVariable
word varName = w(1, w.size()-1);
// lookup the variable name in the given dictionary....
const entry* ePtr = dict.lookupEntryPtr(varName, true, true);
// Note: allow wildcards to match? For now disabled since following
// would expand internalField to wildcard match and not expected
// internalField:
// internalField XXX;
// boundaryField { ".*" {YYY;} movingWall {value $internalField;}
const entry* ePtr = dict.lookupEntryPtr(varName, true, false);
// ...if defined insert its tokens into this
if (ePtr != NULL)
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