Commit 328204dc authored by Henry Weller's avatar Henry Weller
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TurbulenceModels::ReynoldsStress: remove the spherical part of the wall-function Reynolds stress

The spherical part of the Reynolds stress is included in the pressure so
that the wall boundary condition for the pressure is zeroGradient.

Resolves bug-report
parent 5ffdb2d4
......@@ -89,16 +89,13 @@ void Foam::ReynoldsStress<BasicTurbulenceModel>::correctWallShearStress
forAll(curPatch, facei)
// Calculate near-wall velocity gradient
tensor gradUw
const tensor gradUw
= (faceAreas[facei]/magFaceAreas[facei])*snGradU[facei];
// Calculate near-wall shear-stress tensor
tensor tauw = -nutw[facei]*2*dev(symm(gradUw));
// Reset the shear components of the stress tensor
Rw[facei].xy() = tauw.xy();
Rw[facei].xz() = tauw.xz();
Rw[facei].yz() = tauw.yz();
// Set the wall Reynolds-stress to the near-wall shear-stress
// Note: the spherical part of the normal stress is included in
// the pressure
Rw[facei] = -nutw[facei]*2*dev(symm(gradUw));
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