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Removed spurious file

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- all the meshing. See separate section below.
- disabled tetquality check on face-center decomp tet.
Check only minTetDecomp tet.
limits face filtering if enabled. So cv3d can generate neg.
(face-centre decomp) tets but pyramid volumes are still positive!
- findSphere routine
closedTriSurfaceMesh :
triSurface which is defined closed even though topologically it isn't.
searchableSurface :
- bounds_ member data
- bool overlaps() const routine
searchableSurfaces, searhcableSurfacesQueries :
- findNearestIntersection routine
- bounds routines
- trimFeatures function returns trimmed bits
- surfaceSide.
the edge code is irrelevant. Use dev bits.
- findSphere
- disabled face-centre tet quality check (but kept minTetDecomp)
- read cell centres if present.
Can be scrapped. Not useful. Does not write cell centres, does not
do decomposition, reconstruction, moving meshes.
- overrideCellCentres
- stabilised triangle quality. Ok.
- added I/O operators. Useful.
- additional reduce on boundBox. Can be removed only on the one
constructed from boundBox (line 2300)
- top level mesher
- override cellCentres. Remove if the polyMesh stuff gets removed.
- moved triSurface quality into triangle. Use cvm.
- new application. Determines features straight from intersection.
More stable than surfaceBooleanOp. Used to e.g. get the features
between the wheels and wind tunnel.
So if surfaceBooleanOp fails:
- use this to extract features
- use snappyHexMesh to defeature
- use cvMesh with extracted features
This does not work very well! Since there might still be overlapping
bits of triSurface that will be meshed.
- uses cgal only for curvature calculation. See cgal.
- writes a triSurfaceField of 'curvature' and 'internal closeness'
and 'external closeness'. This is just a normal intersection, not
a nearest point. These fields get used by cvMesh. Or not yet - is part
of proposal to seed points according to curvature.
- detects features that are near?
- for fuel tank of Brawn. Detects baffles (markZones) and splits
it accordingly.
- Make sure the surface does not have any sliver triangles. These are
hard to get the surface normal correct for so might cause bleeding.
- Use surfaceCheck to find out triangle quality and size of smallest edges
- Use surfaceClean .. 1e-5 .. to get rid of any edges < 1e-5m.
- If you get bleeding you might see in face filtering:
cells with with zero or one non-boundary face : 1
Initial check before face collapse, found 48 bad quality faces
but this was real - the cell that got created inside the cone and sphere by the
bad triangle was actually attached to a lot of faces. This screwed up the
subsequent filtering as it stopped too early.
I ran:
surfaceClean coneAndSphere.obj 1e-5 coneAndSphere_clean.obj
and re-ran with that surface and got
cells with with zero or one non-boundary face : 0
Initial check before face collapse, found 0 bad quality faces
and the bad cells inside are gone.
That group of cells would be picked up at the end of the meshing as the
cellSet which can be deleted.
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