Commit 3980b63a authored by sergio's avatar sergio Committed by Andrew Heather
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BUG: #1419 writing kappaLayers and thicknessLayers write out

parent 167249c7
......@@ -345,10 +345,8 @@ void Foam::externalWallHeatFluxTemperatureFvPatchScalarField::write
h_.writeEntry("h", os);
Ta_.writeEntry("Ta", os);
os.writeKeyword("thicknessLayers")<< thicknessLayers_
<< token::END_STATEMENT << nl;
os.writeKeyword("kappaLayers")<< kappaLayers_
<< token::END_STATEMENT << nl;
thicknessLayers_.writeEntry("thicknessLayers", os);
kappaLayers_.writeEntry("kappaLayers", os);
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