Commit 3a658409 authored by Mark OLESEN's avatar Mark OLESEN Committed by Andrew Heather
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CONFIG: set umask 0022 when packing tar files for release

parent 1b270822
......@@ -211,8 +211,9 @@ echo "tarName=\""$tarName"\""
# Note - directory separator '/' encoded as '@' for manifest name
echo "manifest=\""${dirPrefix}"@META-INFO@"manifest.txt"\""
echo "set -x"
echo 'git archive --format=tar --prefix="$dirPrefix/" -o "$outputDir/$tarName.tar" "$head"'
echo 'set -x'
echo 'umask 0022'
echo 'git -c tar.umask=user archive --format=tar --prefix="$dirPrefix/" -o "$outputDir/$tarName.tar" "$head"'
echo 'echo "api=$api" > "$outputDir/$manifest"'
echo 'echo "patch=$patch" >> "$outputDir/$manifest"'
......@@ -237,7 +238,7 @@ then
echo 'pushd "$module"'
echo 'git archive --format=tar --prefix="$dirPrefix/$module/" -o "$outputDir/$tarModule.tar" "$commit"'
echo 'git -c tar.umask=user archive --format=tar --prefix="$dirPrefix/$module/" -o "$outputDir/$tarModule.tar" "$commit"'
echo 'git ls-tree -r "$commit" >> "$outputDir/$manifest"'
echo 'echo >> "$outputDir/$manifest"'
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