Commit 3d49abab authored by laurence's avatar laurence
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ENH: if the face area is less than ROOTVSMALL then return vector::zero

parent 3ad25a12
......@@ -118,13 +118,12 @@ void Foam::primitiveMesh::makeFaceCentresAndAreas
sumAc += a*c;
// This is to deal with zero-area faces. Mark very small faces
// to be detected in e.g., processorPolyPatch.
if (sumA < ROOTVSMALL)
// Sum of area too small. No chance of reliably calculating
// centroid so fallback to average.
fCtrs[facei] = fCentre;
fAreas[facei] = 0.5*sumN;
fAreas[facei] = vector::zero;
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