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Prior to building, ensure that the [system requirements][link openfoam-require]
are satisfied (including any special [cross-compiling][link openfoam-cross]
considerations), and source the correct OpenFOAM environment.
For example, for the OpenFOAM-v1906 version:
For example, for the OpenFOAM-v2006 version:
source /installation/path/OpenFOAM-v1906/etc/bashrc
source <installation path>/OpenFOAM-v2006/etc/bashrc
e.g. if installed under the `~/OpenFOAM` directory
source ~/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-v2006/etc/bashrc
## Preliminaries
  • Dear Mr. Andrew Heather

    I am new member in openfoam community. My question may not be suitable for this column. However, I am looking for helper. I have studied OpenFOAM based GUI software (Simflow) for several months.

    1. Do you happen to know any expert who used Simflow
    2. I think CHT solver has a limitation for subcooled boiling model. Do you know which solver would be suitable for boiling and two-phase flow case (superheated rod submerged in the cold water model).

    Thank you in advance.

    Sincerely, sung

  • Hi Sung,


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