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BUG: SprayParcel - corrected setting of max temperature - mantis #942

parent e9723544
......@@ -64,47 +64,62 @@ void Foam::SprayParcel<ParcelType>::calc
const label cellI
typedef typename TrackData::cloudType::reactingCloudType reactingCloudType;
const CompositionModel<reactingCloudType>& composition =;
bool coupled =;
// check if parcel belongs to liquid core
if (liquidCore() > 0.5)
// liquid core parcels should not interact with the gas
if (
{ = false;
} = false;
// get old mixture composition
const scalarField& Y0(this->Y());
scalarField X0(composition.liquids().X(Y0));
// check if we have critical or boiling conditions
scalar TMax = composition.liquids().Tc(X0);
const scalar T0 = this->T();
const scalar pc0 = this->pc_;
if (composition.liquids().pv(pc0, T0, X0) >= pc0*0.999)
// set TMax to boiling temperature
TMax = composition.liquids().pvInvert(pc0, X0);
// set the maximum temperature limit
const scalar TMax =>pc_); = TMax;
// store the parcel properties
const scalarField& Y(this->Y());
scalarField X(;
scalarField X(composition.liquids().X(Y));
scalar T0 = this->T();
this->Cp() =>pc_, T0, X);
sigma_ =>pc_, T0, X);
scalar rho0 =>pc_, T0, X);
this->Cp() = composition.liquids().Cp(this->pc_, T0, X);
sigma_ = composition.liquids().sigma(this->pc_, T0, X);
scalar rho0 = composition.liquids().rho(this->pc_, T0, X);
this->rho() = rho0;
ParcelType::calc(td, dt, cellI);
if (td.keepParticle)
// update Cp, sigma, diameter and density due to change in temperature
// update Cp, sigma, density and diameter due to change in temperature
// and/or composition
scalar T1 = this->T();
const scalarField& Y1(this->Y());
scalarField X1(;
scalarField X1(composition.liquids().X(Y1));
this->Cp() = composition.liquids().Cp(this->pc_, T1, X1);
this->Cp() =>pc_, T1, X1);
sigma_ =>pc_, T1, X);
sigma_ = composition.liquids().sigma(this->pc_, T1, X);
scalar rho1 =>pc_, T1, X1);
scalar rho1 = composition.liquids().rho(this->pc_, T1, X1);
this->rho() = rho1;
scalar d1 = this->d()*cbrt(rho0/rho1);
this->d() = d1;
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