Commit 51a3f4e6 authored by Mark OLESEN's avatar Mark OLESEN
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ENH: make foamToVTK faceZone writing explicit (closes #1117)

- change previous default (convert all faceZones unless -noFaceZones
  specified) with the default behaviour to only convert face zones on

- uses the '-faceZones' option as per foamToEnsight
parent 5415991e
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ Usage
- \par -patches patch or patch list
Specify particular patches to write.
- \par -faceZones patch or zone list
- \par -faceZones zone or zone list
Specify faceZones to write, with wildcards
- \par -cellZone zoneName
......@@ -149,7 +149,7 @@ Description
// Write faceZones (POLYDATA file, one for each zone)
if (doFaceZones && !mesh.faceZones().empty())
if (!selectedFaceZones.empty() && !mesh.faceZones().empty())
if (nSurfaceScalarField == -1)
......@@ -187,6 +187,11 @@ Description
for (const faceZone& fz : mesh.faceZones())
if (!selectedFaceZones.match(
indirectPrimitivePatch pp
IndirectList<face>(mesh.faces(), fz),
......@@ -70,6 +70,10 @@ Usage
- \par -pointSet \<name\>
Restrict conversion to the faceSet or pointSet.
- \par -faceZones zone or zone list
Specify single faceZone or or multiple faceZones (name or regex)
to write
- \par -nearCellValue
Output cell value on patches instead of patch value itself
......@@ -85,9 +89,6 @@ Usage
- \par -no-point-data
Suppress conversion of pointFields. No interpolated PointData.
- \par -noFaceZones
Suppress conversion of surface fields on faceZones
- \par -poly-decomp
Decompose polyhedral cells into tets/pyramids
......@@ -308,6 +309,13 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
"Convert specified pointSet only",
true // mark as an advanced option
"Specify single or multiple faceZones to write\n"
"Eg, 'cells' or '( slice \"mfp-.*\" )'."
......@@ -397,12 +405,10 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
" Eg, 'outlet' or '( inlet \".*Wall\" )'",
true // mark as an advanced option
"Suppress conversion of surface fields on faceZones",
true // mark as an advanced option
{"noFaceZones", 1806}, // faceZones are only enabled on demand
false // bool option, no argument
......@@ -435,7 +441,6 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
const bool doFiniteArea = args.found("finiteAreaFields");
const bool doSurfaceFields = args.found("surfaceFields");
const bool doFaceZones = !args.found("noFaceZones") && doInternal;
const bool oneBoundary = args.found("one-boundary") && doBoundary;
const bool nearCellValue = args.found("nearCellValue") && doBoundary;
const bool allRegions = args.found("allRegions");
......@@ -471,10 +476,14 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
// Can be specified as empty (ie, no fields)
wordRes selectedFields;
const bool useFieldFilter =
args.readListIfPresent<wordRe>("fields", selectedFields);
// Non-mandatory
const wordRes selectedFaceZones(args.getList<wordRe>("faceZones", false));
#include "createTime.H"
instantList timeDirs = timeSelector::select0(runTime, args);
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ _of_complete_cache_[foamToGMV]="-case -decomposeParDict -fileHandler | -listFunc
_of_complete_cache_[foamToStarMesh]="-case -fileHandler -scale -time | -constant -latestTime -listFunctionObjects -listRegisteredSwitches -listSwitches -listUnsetSwitches -noBnd -noFunctionObjects -noZero -doc -doc-source -help"
_of_complete_cache_[foamToSurface]="-case -fileHandler -scale -time | -constant -latestTime -listFunctionObjects -listRegisteredSwitches -listSwitches -listUnsetSwitches -noFunctionObjects -noZero -tri -doc -doc-source -help"
_of_complete_cache_[foamToTetDualMesh]="-case -decomposeParDict -fileHandler -time | -constant -latestTime -listFunctionObjects -listRegisteredSwitches -listScalarBCs -listSwitches -listUnsetSwitches -listVectorBCs -noFunctionObjects -noZero -overwrite -parallel -doc -doc-source -help"
_of_complete_cache_[foamToVTK]="-case -cellSet -cellZone -decomposeParDict -excludePatches -faceSet -fields -fileHandler -name -patches -pointSet -region -regions -time | -allRegions -ascii -constant -finiteAreaFields -latestTime -legacy -listFunctionObjects -listRegisteredSwitches -listScalarBCs -listSwitches -listUnsetSwitches -listVectorBCs -nearCellValue -no-boundary -no-internal -no-lagrangian -no-point-data -noFaceZones -noFunctionObjects -noZero -one-boundary -overwrite -parallel -poly-decomp -surfaceFields -doc -doc-source -help"
_of_complete_cache_[foamToVTK]="-case -cellSet -cellZone -decomposeParDict -excludePatches -faceSet -faceZones -fields -fileHandler -name -patches -pointSet -region -regions -time | -allRegions -ascii -constant -finiteAreaFields -latestTime -legacy -listFunctionObjects -listRegisteredSwitches -listScalarBCs -listSwitches -listUnsetSwitches -listVectorBCs -nearCellValue -no-boundary -no-internal -no-lagrangian -no-point-data -noFunctionObjects -noZero -one-boundary -overwrite -parallel -poly-decomp -surfaceFields -doc -doc-source -help"
_of_complete_cache_[foamUpgradeCyclics]="-case -decomposeParDict -fileHandler -region -time | -constant -dry-run -enableFunctionEntries -latestTime -listFunctionObjects -listRegisteredSwitches -listScalarBCs -listSwitches -listUnsetSwitches -listVectorBCs -noFunctionObjects -noZero -parallel -doc -doc-source -help"
_of_complete_cache_[foamyHexMesh]="-case -decomposeParDict -fileHandler | -checkGeometry -conformationOnly -listFunctionObjects -listRegisteredSwitches -listScalarBCs -listSwitches -listUnsetSwitches -listVectorBCs -parallel -doc -doc-source -help"
_of_complete_cache_[foamyQuadMesh]="-case -fileHandler -pointsFile | -listFunctionObjects -listRegisteredSwitches -listSwitches -listUnsetSwitches -noFunctionObjects -overwrite -doc -doc-source -help"
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