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It appears that spack will otherwise ignore any paraview+qt version
and attempt to install a paraview~qt version instead.
Building on Darwin (Mac-OS)
Support for Darwin is incomplete, but has been provisioned for.
The following are typical (as of yet) unresolved issues.
* Scotch, ptscotch:
- The librt linkage is required for Linux, but not for Darwin.
Current resolution:
Edit or patch
to remove the '-lrt' library
- ThirdParty CGAL will normally need to be compiled without mpfr/gmp.
This should be done manually prior to building OpenFOAM or other
ThirdParty. Eg,
./makeCGAL gmp-none mpfr-none
The erroneous references to gmp/mpfr library can be directly removed
from the wmake/rules/General/CGAL, but it is more advisable to
override them instead in the wmake/rules/darwin64Clang/CGAL file.
# Notes for cross-compiling with mingw
## Host setup
On openSUSE use the packages for compilation:
This setup is missing `zlib`, so download that manually and compile as a
*static* library.
CC="$(wmake -show-c)" CFLAGS="$(wmake -show-cflags)" ./configure --static
The resulting output files (zconf.h zlib.h) and (libz.a) either need
to be installed in system locations where OpenFOAM can find them, or if
they are to be shipped directly with OpenFOAM, they can also be placed
in the `src/OpenFOAM/include` and `platforms/XXX/lib` paths.
If the header files are only needed during compilation, it can be a
fairly convenient hack to simply place copies of them in the
`src/OSspecific/MSwindows` directory.
Flex is used in a few locations within OpenFOAM for generating code.
The generated C++ code requires the `FlexLexer.h` header file, but
its `/usr/include` location will be ignored by the cross-compiler.
As another ugly hack, a copy of this file can be made in a standard
project include location. For example,
ln -s /usr/include/FlexLexer.h src/OSspecific/MSwindows
The last point to consider when cross-compiling is the behaviour of
the OpenFOAM tools used during compilation. These are found under
`wmake/src`. When these are compiled they will create executables that
work on the target platform (Windows), but *not* on the host platform.
The workaround:
1. Activate the native OpenFOAM environment (Linux with system gcc)
and use that to compile the build tools
This can be skipped if you already have an existing OpenFOAM build.
2. Activate the OpenFOAM for cross-compiling (Linux with mingw)
and use that to compile the build tools
3. Copy the contents of the native platform build tools into the
cross-compilation platform directory. For example,
cp wmake/platforms/linux64Gcc/* wmake/platforms/linux64Mingw/
The `wmake/platforms/linux64Mingw/` directory should now contain
native and cross-compiled tools:
dirToString dirToString.exe
wmkdep wmkdep.exe
wmkdepend wmkdepend.exe
The native tools are the one that will (automatically) be used
throughout the balance of the cross-compilation process.
The settings for cross-compilation are normally defined in the
`etc/` file with contents like this:
# For mingw cross-compile
export WM_COMPILER=Mingw
export WM_LABEL_SIZE=32
# other settings...
Additional adjustments may be required in some other places. For example
in `etc/`
export FFTW_ARCH_PATH=/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32/sys-root/mingw
## Run-time setup
When using the cross-compiled executables and libraries, the
corresponding runtime libraries will be required.
These will need to be copied across from the Linux host system to the
target machine.
On openSUSE these runtime libraries are provided by the packages:
When running, the `WM_PROJECT_DIR` environment must be set.
OpenFOAM will otherwise not be able to locate its files.
## Known limitations (2019-05-01)
- kahip does not build
- boost should build ok, but no CGAL support (ie, no foamyHexMesh)
- no ParaView plugin, runTimePostProcessing
- reacting EulerFoam solvers have too many interdependencies and do
not yet compile cleanly.
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