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-doc display application documentation in browser
-help print the usage
*** *New* basicSolidThermo solids thermophysical library
+ Used in all conjugate heat transfer solvers
+ constant properties
+ temperature dependent properties
+ temperature and direction (in local coordinate system) dependent properties
*** *New* Surface film library
+ Creation of films by particle addition, or initial film distribution
+ Coupled with the lagrangian/intermediate cloud hierarchy library
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+ =streamLine=: generate streamlines; ouputs both trajectory and field data
* New tutorials
There is a large number of new tutorials to support the new solvers in the
There is a large number of new tutorials for existing and new solvers in the
+ =reactingParcelFilmFoam= tutorials:
+ multipleBoxes, hotBoxes, panel, evaporationTest
+ =interDyMFoam= tutorials:
+ testTubeMixer: showcases =solidBodyMotionFunction=
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