Commit 61c87b55 authored by Johan Roenby's avatar Johan Roenby Committed by Andrew Heather
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Introduced changes required to make isoAdvector and interIsoFoam work with...

Introduced changes required to make isoAdvector and interIsoFoam work with morphing meshes: 1) In the alphaEqn.H U is made relative to mesh motion before the interface advection step, 2) in isoAdvection::advect() alpha must be multiplied by Vsc0()/Vsc(). Implementation tested and verified with 1) a spherical interface in a cubic domain with no flow, where the domain walls are squeezed together and 2) a spherical interfacee inside the sloshingCylinder, again with no flow, so the sphere should stay spherical, which it does.
parent 88e042af
// Temporarily making U relative to mesh motion
if (mesh.moving())
U -= fvc::reconstruct(mesh.phi());
// Updating alpha1
// Making U absolute again after advection step
if (mesh.moving())
U += fvc::reconstruct(mesh.phi());
#include "rhofs.H"
rhoPhi = advector.getRhoPhi(rho1f, rho2f);
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@
\\/ M anipulation |
isoAdvector | Copyright (C) 2016-2017 DHI
Modified work | Copyright (C) 2018 Johan Roenby
Modified work | Copyright (C) 2019 Johan Roenby
......@@ -852,6 +852,12 @@ void Foam::isoAdvection::advect()
// Do the isoAdvection on surface cells
// Adjust alpha for mesh motion
if (mesh_.moving())
alpha1In_ *= (mesh_.Vsc0()/mesh_.Vsc());
// Adjust dVf for unbounded cells
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