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Standard k-epsilon turbulence model
Mixture k-epsilon turbulence model for two-phase gas-liquid systems
The basic structure of the model is based on:
"Modelling of dispersed bubble and droplet ow at high phase fractions"
A. Behzadi, R.I. Issa , H. Rusche,
Chemical Engineering Science (59) 2004 pp.759-770.
but an effective density for the gas is used in the averaging and an
alternative model for bubble-generated turbulence from:
"The simulation of multidimensional multiphase flows",
Lahey R.T.,
Nucl. Eng. & Design
(235) 2005 pp.1043-1060.
The default model coefficients correspond to the following:
......@@ -37,7 +53,7 @@ Description
Cmu 0.09;
C1 1.44;
C2 1.92;
C3 -0.33;
C3 C2;
sigmak 1.0;
sigmaEps 1.3;
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