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ENH: ReleaseNotes-dev : added new directMapped stuff.

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taking film into account
+ Parallel aware
*** *New* ptscotch decomposition method
*** *Updated* decomposePar maps polyPatches instead of recreating them so
polyPatches holding data can map the data.
*** *Updated* particle tracking algorithm
+ uses non-blocking parallel transfers
+ does 'minimum-tet' decomposition of face to work with warped faces (snappyHexMesh!)
......@@ -150,7 +152,12 @@
+ *New* wall functions:
+ kappatJayatillekeWallFunction: incompressible RAS thermal wall function
+ directMappedFixedValue:
+ takes interpolationScheme so can interpolate instead of always getting
cell value
+ takes optional fieldName to sample
+ directMapped patch added 'normal' method to calculate sample points
to e.g. sample fields just above wall (e.g. for streaklines)
* Utilities
There have been some utilities added and updated in this release.
*** *New* utilities
......@@ -172,7 +179,7 @@
*** Updated utilities
+ =setFields=: optionally use faceSets to set patch values (see e.g. hotRoom tutorial).
+ =blockMesh=: specify patches via dictionary instead of type only. This
makes rereading the boundary superfluous. see
makes rereading the boundary file superfluous. see
e.g. pitzDailyDirectMapped tutorial.
* Post-processing
+ =foamToEnsight=: parallel continuous data. new =-nodeValues= option to generate and output nodal
......@@ -190,6 +197,12 @@
specified time has been reached, e.g. to automagically change fvSchemes and
fvSolution during a calculation
+ =streamLine=: generate streamlines; ouputs both trajectory and field data
+ =surfaceInterpolateFields=: constructs face interpolate of registered
volFields for any future functionObjects that need surfaceFields.
+ =readFields=: reads field if not yet registered. Makes functionObjects
useable through standalone execFlowFunctionObjects.
+ =faceSource=: can now calculate on a sampledSurface (e.g. flow through a
* New tutorials
There is a large number of new tutorials for existing and new solvers in the
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