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DOC: cyclicAMI - added reference paper to header; function documentation

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......@@ -30,6 +30,18 @@ Class
Cyclic patch for Arbitrary Mesh Interface (AMI)
Includes provision for updating the patch topology to enforce a 1-to-1
face match across the interface, based on the \c createAMIFaces flag.
The manipulations are based on the reference:
H.J. Aguerre, S. Márquez Damián, J.M. Gimenez, N.M.Nigro, Conservative
handling of arbitrary non-conformal interfaces using an efficient
supermesh, Journal of Computational Physics 335(15) 21-49. 2017.
......@@ -145,14 +157,20 @@ protected:
// Topology change
//- Collect faces to remove in the topoChange container
virtual bool removeAMIFaces(polyTopoChange& topoChange);
//- Collect faces to add in the topoChange container
virtual bool addAMIFaces(polyTopoChange& topoChange);
//- Set properties of newly inserted faces after topological changes
virtual void setAMIFaces();
//- Helper to re-apply the geometric scaling lost during mesh
//- updates
virtual void restoreScaledGeometry();
//- Create and return pointer to the projection surface
const autoPtr<searchableSurface>& surfPtr() const;
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