Commit 67b7b378 authored by mattijs's avatar mattijs
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ENH: motorBike: change coarseLevel solver

parent 5c220a9e
Subproject commit e2cc7b57e46473885d5b5194fb7cb728de656537
Subproject commit 5d6becf2a3b4ea31dcf4b81f6d87d1e712072b6a
Subproject commit 9009a8c29b1650419e00f9c5bf1a3bd8bf2624bf
Subproject commit 8cdeac3896adb841c0aacfe0c697edecf891476c
Subproject commit 59bdcfb3e67c920ab3b9f1a0c882c864e4a92c53
Subproject commit 19a4e158e2a4b3d332fddc1e188730364e16e856
......@@ -38,7 +38,9 @@ solvers
// solution tolerance
solver PCG;
// For limited residual reduction (relTol) PPCR behaves better
// than PCG (or PPCG)
solver PPCR; //PCG;
preconditioner DIC;
relTol 0.05;
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