Commit 67f6d982 authored by mattijs's avatar mattijs
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BUG: build order not correct for reconstruct library to be built.

parent fd6003d9
......@@ -27,16 +27,18 @@ wmake libso edgeMesh
wmake libso surfMesh
wmake libso triSurface
# Decomposition methods needed by meshTools
# Decomposition methods needed by dummyThirdParty
# dummyThirdParty (dummy metisDecomp, scotchDecomp etc) needed by e.g. meshTools
wmake libso parallel/decompositionMethods
wmake libso parallel/metisDecomp
wmake libso meshTools
wmake libso finiteVolume
wmake libso genericPatchFields
# Build the proper scotchDecomp, metisDecomp etc.
wmake libso sampling
wmake libso dynamicMesh
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