Commit 6e4b93b6 authored by mattijs's avatar mattijs
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ENH: foamFormatConvert: convert constant (i.e. polyMesh) by default

parent 09ae0fae
......@@ -143,11 +143,30 @@ bool writeZones(const word& name, const fileName& meshDir, Time& runTime)
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
timeSelector::addOptions(false, false);
"exclude the 'constant/' dir in the times list"
# include "addRegionOption.H"
# include "setRootCase.H"
// Hack to enable noConstant
if (!args.optionFound("noConstant"))
# include "createTime.H"
// Make sure we do not use the master-only reading since we read
// fields (different per processor) as dictionaries.
regIOobject::fileModificationChecking = regIOobject::timeStamp;
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