Commit 6fc2e685 authored by graham's avatar graham
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ENH: Increasing the range of the local sphere overlap test.

parent 338c5c5f
......@@ -764,7 +764,7 @@ void Foam::conformalVoronoiMesh::buildParallelInterfaceIntersection
Foam::point b = topoint(dual(c2));
// Only if the dual edge cuts the boundary of this processor is
// it going to tbe counted.
// it going to be counted.
if (decomposition_().findLineAny(a, b).hit())
......@@ -778,15 +778,11 @@ void Foam::conformalVoronoiMesh::buildParallelInterfaceIntersection
timeCheck("buildParallelInterfaceIntersection before intersectsProc");
// Preform intersections in both directions, as there is no sense
// associated with the Dual edge
List<List<pointIndexHit> > intersectionForward(intersectsProc(dE0, dE1));
List<List<pointIndexHit> > intersectionReverse(intersectsProc(dE1, dE0));
timeCheck("buildParallelInterfaceIntersection after intersectsProc");
// Reset counter
fIOuter = 0;
......@@ -994,7 +990,7 @@ void Foam::conformalVoronoiMesh::buildParallelInterfaceInfluence
// Only if the circumsphere overlaps the boundary of this processor
// is there a chance of it overlapping others
if (decomposition_().overlapsThisProcessor(cc, crSqr))
if (decomposition_().overlapsThisProcessor(cc, sqr(1.01)*crSqr))
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