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......@@ -166,14 +166,11 @@ public:
const intersection::direction dir = intersection::VECTOR
) const;
//- Fast intersection with a ray. Distance is normalised distance
// to the intersection (normalised with the vector magnitude).
// For a hit, the distance is signed. Positive number
// represents the point in front of triangle. In case of miss
// pointHit position is undefined.
// Only defined for VISIBLE, FULL_RAY or
//- Fast intersection with a ray.
// For a hit, the pointHit.distance() is the line parameter t :
// intersection=p+t*q. Only defined for VISIBLE, FULL_RAY or
// HALF_RAY. tol increases the virtual size of the triangle
// by a relative factor.
// by a relative factor.
inline pointHit intersection
const point& p,
......@@ -294,9 +294,10 @@ public:
// - nPointLayers : number of layers per (patch)point
// - nFaceLayers : number of layers per (patch) face
// - firstDisplacement : displacement per point for first
// layer of points. If zero do not add point.
// layer of points (i.e. nearest to original mesh). If zero
// do not add point.
// Layer thicknesses are calculated to constant geometric
// expansion. Use expansionRatio for constant size.
// expansion. Use expansionRatio 1 for constant size.
// Sets addedPoints_ which is per pp point a list of points
// added.
// Note: firstDisplacement has to be parallel synchronised before
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