Commit 8794b195 authored by sergio's avatar sergio
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BUG: Fix ticket 792. pRefCelli is set to -1 for

parent 688469d1
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ PtrList<volScalarField> p_rghFluid(fluidRegions.size());
PtrList<radiation::radiationModel> radiation(fluidRegions.size());
List<scalar> initialMassFluid(fluidRegions.size());
List<label> pRefCellFluid(fluidRegions.size(), 0);
List<label> pRefCellFluid(fluidRegions.size(), -1);
List<scalar> pRefValueFluid(fluidRegions.size(), 0.0);
List<bool> frozenFlowFluid(fluidRegions.size(), false);
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