Commit 87b8f862 authored by mattijs's avatar mattijs
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illegal use of List_ELEM macro

parent a0b0e23c
......@@ -162,13 +162,14 @@ Foam::List<T>::List(const UList<T>& a, const unallocLabelList& map)
if (this->size_)
// Note:cannot use List_ELEM since third argument has to be index.
this->v_ = new T[this->size_];
List_ACCESS(T, (*this), vp);
List_CONST_ACCESS(T, a, ap);
List_FOR_ALL(map, i)
List_ELEM((*this), vp, i) = List_ELEM(a, ap, (map[i]));
forAll(*this, i)
this->v_[i] = a[map[i]];
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