Commit 947f3fea authored by Henry Weller's avatar Henry Weller
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foamMonitor: change format to support old gnuplot versions

Resolves bug-report
parent 5355dbc5
...@@ -154,7 +154,12 @@ i=1 ...@@ -154,7 +154,12 @@ i=1
for field in $KEYS for field in $KEYS
do do
i=$(expr $i + 1) i=$(expr $i + 1)
echo "\"$FILE\" using 1:${i} with lines title \"$field\", \\" >> $GPFILE PLOTLINE="\"$FILE\" using 1:${i} with lines title \"$field\""
if [[ $i -lt $NCOLS ]]
done done
plotFileFooter >> $GPFILE plotFileFooter >> $GPFILE
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