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ENH: update

parent 4a08a3a3
......@@ -29,19 +29,27 @@ Tested on channel395-splitCyclic with GAMG.
- initTransfer in GAMGprocessorInterfaces using nonblocking+tags
- cyclic baffles. Tested on t-junction/
- with non-cyclic baffles ok
- cyclic baffles different!
OK - regionSplit
tested on singleCyclic
OK - pointFields on cyclics. volPointInterpolation.
tested on channel395-splitCyclic
- NOT WORKING: fvMeshDistribute to split cyclic patches into ones
NOT WORKING - fvMeshDistribute to split cyclic patches into ones
with different separation.
tested on singleCyclic
- jumpCyclics. All usages of jump() now need to account for being owner() or
- test createPatch pointSync
- jumpCyclics
- fanFvPatchField
- activeBaffleVelocity
- work out overlapping communication for PstreamBuffers.
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