Commit ad2c46f7 authored by andy's avatar andy
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ENH: PhaseChangeModel - updated TMax function and added Tvap function

parent 7280498f
......@@ -179,12 +179,23 @@ Foam::scalar Foam::PhaseChangeModel<CloudType>::dh
template<class CloudType>
Foam::scalar Foam::PhaseChangeModel<CloudType>::TMax(const scalar) const
Foam::scalar Foam::PhaseChangeModel<CloudType>::TMax
const scalar,
const scalarField&
) const
return GREAT;
template<class CloudType>
Foam::scalar Foam::PhaseChangeModel<CloudType>::Tvap(const scalarField& Y) const
return -GREAT;
template<class CloudType>
void Foam::PhaseChangeModel<CloudType>::addToPhaseChangeMass(const scalar dMass)
......@@ -184,8 +184,11 @@ public:
const scalar T
) const;
//- Return vapourisation temperature
virtual scalar Tvap(const scalarField& Y) const;
//- Return maximum/limiting temperature
virtual scalar TMax(const scalar pIn) const;
virtual scalar TMax(const scalar p, const scalarField& Y) const;
//- Add to phase change mass
void addToPhaseChangeMass(const scalar dMass);
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