Commit afe060fe authored by Henry's avatar Henry
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tutorials/combustion/fireFoam/les/oppositeBurningPanels: rationalised dictionary location

parent a5857bed
......@@ -9,18 +9,18 @@ application=`getApplication`
runApplication blockMesh
runApplication topoSet -dict cRefine.topoSetDict
runApplication topoSet -dict system/cRefine.topoSetDict
runApplication refineMesh -overwrite -dict system/refineMeshDict
rm log.topoSet
runApplication topoSet -dict f.topoSetDict
runApplication topoSet -dict system/f.topoSetDict
# create the pyrolysis region.
runApplication extrudeToRegionMesh -overwrite
rm log.topoSet
runApplication topoSet -dict fBurner.topoSetDict
runApplication topoSet -dict system/fBurner.topoSetDict
runApplication createPatch -overwrite
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