Commit b50d7d78 authored by Henry Weller's avatar Henry Weller
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wmake: Removed unnecessary '->>' line from output

Changed 'ld' line to include path of target library or executable.
parent 82faf7ef
......@@ -128,27 +128,25 @@ LIB_HEADER_DIRS = \
# Define link statements for executables
.PHONY: silent
@$(WM_SCRIPTS)/makeTargetDir $(EXE)
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ld,$(notdir $(EXE)))
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ld,$(EXE))
@echo " ->> $(EXE)"
.PHONY: silent
.PHONY: exe
exe: $(SEXE) | silent
@$(WM_SCRIPTS)/makeTargetDir $(SEXE)
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ld,$(notdir $(SEXE)))
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ld,$(SEXE))
@echo " ->> $(SEXE)"
......@@ -163,10 +161,9 @@ libso: $(LIB).$(SO) | silent
$(LIB).$(SO): $(OBJECTS)
@$(WM_SCRIPTS)/makeTargetDir $(LIB)
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ld,$(notdir $(LIB)).$(SO))
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ld,$(LIB).$(SO))
$(LIB_LIBS) $(GLIB_LIBS) -o $(LIB).$(SO)
@echo " ->> $(LIB).$(SO)"
.PHONY: lib
lib: $(LIB).a | silent
......@@ -174,11 +171,10 @@ lib: $(LIB).a | silent
$(LIB).a: $(OBJECTS)
@$(WM_SCRIPTS)/makeTargetDir $(LIB)
@rm -f $(LIB).a
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ar,$(notdir $(LIB)))
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ar,$(LIB))
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ranlib,$(notdir $(LIB)))
$E $(RANLIB) $(LIB).a
@echo " ->> $(LIB).a"
.PHONY: libo
libo: $(LIB).o | silent
......@@ -186,9 +182,8 @@ libo: $(LIB).o | silent
$(LIB).o: $(OBJECTS)
@$(WM_SCRIPTS)/makeTargetDir $(LIB)
@rm -f $(LIB).o
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ld,$(notdir $(LIB)).o)
$(call QUIET_MESSAGE,ld,$(LIB).o)
$E $(LD) -r -o $(LIB).o $(OBJECTS)
@echo " ->> $(LIB).o"
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