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ENH: ReleaseNotes-dev: updated for decomposition methods

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......@@ -105,7 +105,15 @@
+ Additional wall functions for primary region momentum and temperature
taking film into account
+ Parallel aware
*** *New* ptscotch decomposition method
*** *New* ptscotch decomposition method.
*** *New* multiLevel decomposition method.
Decomposes in levels, e.g. first decompose onto number of nodes and
then onto number of cores per node. This will minimise off-node
communication. Each level can use any of the other decomposition methods
*** *New* structured decomposition method.
Does a 2D decomposition of a mesh. Valid only for an 'extruded' mesh, i.e.
columns of cells originating from a patch. Bases decomposition on this
patch and assigns the cells according to the patch decomposition.
*** *Updated* scotch decomposition method to run in parallel by doing
decomposition on the master. Unfortunately scotch and ptscotch cannot
be linked in to the same executable.
......@@ -229,7 +237,8 @@
(nonuniformTransform)cyclic <zoneA>_<zoneB>
+ extrudes into master direction (i.e. away from the owner cell
if flipMap is false)
+ =topoSet=: replacement of cellSet,faceSet,pointSet utilities.
+ =topoSet=: replacement of cellSet,faceSet,pointSet utilities. Multiple
commands operating on different sets.
Comparable to a dictionary driven =setSet= utility.
*** Updated utilities
+ =setFields=: optionally use faceSets to set patch values (see
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