Commit bd2f16e2 authored by Henry's avatar Henry
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Corrected calculation of iTp

Resolves bug-report
parent 11e3740f
......@@ -339,7 +339,7 @@ Foam::scalar Foam::SprayParcel<ParcelType>::chi
scalar TBoil = liq.pvInvert(p0);
scalar hl = liq.hl(pAmb, TBoil);
scalar iTp = liq.h(pAmb, T0) - liq.rho(pAmb, T0);
scalar iTp = liq.h(pAmb, T0) - pAmb/liq.rho(pAmb, T0);
scalar iTb = liq.h(pAmb, TBoil) - pAmb/liq.rho(pAmb, TBoil);
chi += X[i]*(iTp - iTb)/hl;
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