Commit c747e12b authored by Henry's avatar Henry
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syncToolsTemplates.C: Changed constructor syntax to keep the Intel compiler happy

parent 20ee9190
......@@ -1352,10 +1352,10 @@ void Foam::syncTools::syncBoundaryFaceList
label sz = cycPatch.size();
// Transform (copy of) data on both sides
Field<T> ownVals = SubField<T>(faceValues, sz, ownStart);
Field<T> ownVals(SubField<T>(faceValues, sz, ownStart));
top(nbrPatch, ownVals);
Field<T> nbrVals = SubField<T>(faceValues, sz, nbrStart);
Field<T> nbrVals(SubField<T>(faceValues, sz, nbrStart));
top(cycPatch, nbrVals);
label i0 = ownStart;
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