Commit c7660123 authored by Will Bainbridge's avatar Will Bainbridge Committed by Andrew Heather
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ThermoSurfaceFilm: Corrected the splash kinetic energy

The splash kinetic energy has been changed to depend upon the velocity
of the parcel normal to the wall, rather than the absolute velocity, in
accordance with the original reference.

This patch was contributed by Stefan Hildenbrand at Pfinder
Resolves bug report
parent 95018c68
......@@ -397,7 +397,7 @@ void Foam::ThermoSurfaceFilm<CloudType>::splashInteraction
// Incident kinetic energy [J]
const scalar EKIn = 0.5*m*magSqr(Urel);
const scalar EKIn = 0.5*m*magSqr(Un);
// Incident surface energy [J]
const scalar ESigmaIn = np*sigma*p.areaS(d);
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