Commit c7e5f4a9 authored by Mark OLESEN's avatar Mark OLESEN Committed by Andrew Heather
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BUG: surfaceWriter pointData merging fails on single processor

- if surface is only on a single processor, no point merging occurs
  and the pointsMap is empty.
parent 0d8601f2
......@@ -504,7 +504,12 @@ Foam::tmp<Foam::Field<Type>> Foam::surfaceWriter::mergeFieldTemplate
globalIndex::gatherOp(fld, allFld);
// Renumber (point data) to correspond to merged points
if (Pstream::master() && this->isPointData())
&& this->isPointData()
&& merged_.pointsMap().size()
inplaceReorder(merged_.pointsMap(), allFld);
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