Commit cc5fac82 authored by mattijs's avatar mattijs Committed by Andrew Heather
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STYLE: snappyHexMesh: excess declarations

parent 979a12e5
......@@ -562,48 +562,6 @@ private:
labelList& patchNLayers
) const;
// Calculate medial axis fields
void medialAxisSmoothingInfo
const motionSmoother& meshMover,
const label nSmoothNormals,
const label nSmoothSurfaceNormals,
const scalar minMedialAxisAngleCos,
const scalar featureAngle,
pointVectorField& dispVec,
pointScalarField& medialRatio,
pointScalarField& medialDist,
pointVectorField& medialVec
) const;
//- Main routine to shrink mesh
void shrinkMeshMedialDistance
motionSmoother& meshMover,
const dictionary& meshQualityDict,
const List<labelPair>& baffles,
const label nSmoothPatchThickness,
const label nSmoothDisplacement,
const scalar maxThicknessToMedialRatio,
const label nAllowableErrors,
const label nSnap,
const scalar minCosLayerTermination,
const scalarField& layerThickness,
const scalarField& minThickness,
const pointVectorField& dispVec,
const pointScalarField& medialRatio,
const pointScalarField& medialDist,
const pointVectorField& medialVec,
List<extrudeMode>& extrudeStatus,
pointField& patchDisp,
labelList& patchNLayers
) const;
//- No copy construct
snappyLayerDriver(const snappyLayerDriver&) = delete;
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