Commit d04100a9 authored by Andrew Heather's avatar Andrew Heather
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TUT: fix for snappy mesh layers

parent 6e35bcda
......@@ -216,7 +216,16 @@ addLayersControls
// When not to extrude surface. 0 is flat surface, 90 is when two faces
// are perpendicular
featureAngle 60;
// Note: featureAngle was wrong in v1712 and earlier. To obtain previous
// behaviour (extrude all edges, including sharp ones) use following
// settings. This is important for this geometry since we do want
// layers at the leading edge of the hull.
featureAngle 180;
// Specified to be consistent with v1712 settings (see 1806 release notes)
mergePatchFacesAngle 60; // featureAngle
layerTerminationAngle 30; // 0.5*featureAngle
slipFeatureAngle 30; // 0.5*featureAngle
// Maximum number of snapping relaxation iterations. Should stop
// before upon reaching a correct mesh.
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