Commit d941a698 authored by andy's avatar andy
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STYLE: Updated usage of tmp in fiexdShearStress BC

parent 40fda4f9
......@@ -118,7 +118,9 @@ void fixedShearStressFvPatchVectorField::updateCoeffs()
const scalarField& ry = patch().deltaCoeffs();
tmp<scalarField> nuEffw = rasModel.nuEff()().boundaryField()[patchI];
tmp<volScalarField> tnuEff = rasModel.nuEff();
const volScalarField& nuEff = tnuEff();
const scalarField& nuEffw = nuEff.boundaryField()[patchI];
tmp<vectorField> UwUpdated =
tauHat*(tauHat & (tau0_*(1.0/(ry*nuEffw)) + Ui));
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