Commit dbb8b04f authored by sergio's avatar sergio
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ENH: Correcting Nu correlation for thermoCoupleProbes

parent 1b1b2ba2
......@@ -125,9 +125,9 @@ void Foam::functionObjects::thermoCoupleProbes::derivatives
muc = this->sample(;
Cpc = this->sample(thermo_.Cp()());
scalarField Re(rhoc*Uc*d_/(muc + ROOTVSMALL));
scalarField Pr(Cpc*muc/(kappac + ROOTVSMALL));
//scalarField Nu(2.0 + 0.6*sqrt(Re)*cbrt(Pr));
scalarField Re(rhoc*Uc*d_/muc);
scalarField Pr(Cpc*muc/kappac);
Pr = max(ROOTVSMALL, Pr);
scalarField Nu(2.0 + (0.4*sqrt(Re) + 0.06*pow(Re, 2/3))*pow(Pr, 0.4));
scalarField htc(Nu*kappac/d_);
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