Commit e2269663 authored by mattijs's avatar mattijs Committed by Andrew Heather
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BUG: edge sync fails with cyclic baffles (fixes #1397)

- synchronization, reduction only makes sense on processor-coupled
  patches. Since cyclic baffles are within a single processor domain,
  they are not reduced. So need to skip the sanity test for these.
parent 9510cdd1
......@@ -1185,6 +1185,12 @@ void Foam::globalMeshData::calcGlobalEdgeOrientation() const
forAll(coupledPatch().edges(), edgeI)
if (masterEdgeVerts[edgeI] == labelPair(labelMax, labelMax))
// Skip single edge on cyclic baffle
const edge& e = coupledPatch().edges()[edgeI];
const labelPair masterE
......@@ -1192,7 +1198,7 @@ void Foam::globalMeshData::calcGlobalEdgeOrientation() const
label stat = labelPair::compare
const int stat = labelPair::compare
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