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BUG: SPDP mode: guaranteeing initial value. Fixes #1590.

In differing precisions the PrecisionAdaptor will copy
the input array element by element and this can trigger
NaN detection.
parent 49e63378
......@@ -82,15 +82,18 @@ void Foam::primitiveMesh::makeCellCentresAndVols
typedef Vector<solveScalar> solveVector;
// Clear the fields for accumulation. Note1: we're doing this before
// any precision conversion since this might complain about illegal numbers.
// Note2: zero is a special value which is perfectly converted into zero
// in the new precision
cellCtrs_s = Zero;
cellVols_s = 0.0;
PrecisionAdaptor<solveVector, vector> tcellCtrs(cellCtrs_s);
Field<solveVector>& cellCtrs = tcellCtrs.ref();
PrecisionAdaptor<solveScalar, scalar> tcellVols(cellVols_s);
Field<solveScalar>& cellVols = tcellVols.ref();
// Clear the fields for accumulation
cellCtrs = Zero;
cellVols = 0.0;
const labelList& own = faceOwner();
const labelList& nei = faceNeighbour();
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